Nailing Down Volatile Temperatures: Examining their Effects on Stock Prices

Dec 1, 2022 12:00 AM
  • Yale Institute of Sustainable Finance Symposia,
  • European Economic Association,
  • Association of Environmental and Resource Economists,
  • Southern Finance Association,
  • Joint Research Centre of the European Comission on Sustainable Finance,
  • Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment,
  • International Symposium on Environment and Energy Finance Issues,
  • Commodity and Energy Markets Association Annual Meeting,
  • Conference on Climate, Weather and Carbon Risk in Energy and Finance,
  • Global Finance Association,
  • Climate Econometrics Series,
  • Institute for Quantitative Investment Research,
  • Frontiers of Factor Investing,
  • Economics of Financial Technology.
Atreya Dey
Atreya Dey
PhD Candidate in Financial Technology

My research interests include climate change, asset pricing, machine learning, finance, and economics.